2014 Kansas QSO Party 1x1 Operators

Updated 11 July 2014

36 / 45 1x1 calls have been approved!

Note: QSOPARTY will have many part-time ops.

Links are to QRZ home call pages and 1x1 call pages when available.
Thanks to all our ops!


1 K0K K0RH Jim   SSB   Fixed Sedgwick
2 N0K K0HNC Charles CW SSB   Mobile counties
3 W0K N0GMT Rob   SSB   Fixed Wyandotte

4 K0A W0BH Bob CW SSB   Mobile counties
5 N0A AD0DX Ron CW SSB   Mobile counties
6 W0A K0WA Lee CW SSB   Fixed Harvey

7 K0N K0VXU Russ CW SSB   Fixed Johnson
8 N0N N0NB Nate CW SSB DIG Fixed Marshall
9 W0N WA0N George   SSB DIG Fixed Sedgwick

10 K0S K0JVX John CW SSB   Fixed Johnson
11 N0S AB0S Tim CW SSB   Fixed Mitchell
12 W0S K0BJ Bruce CW SSB   Fixed Thomas


13 K0U K0KU Brian CW SSB   Fixed Douglas
14 N0U NU0Q Bill CW SSB   Mobile counties
15 W0U K0HYD Dale   SSB   Fixed Sedgwick

16 K0F K0RU Rob CW SSB DIG Fixed Johnson
17 N0F AC0RL Jerry CW SSB   Fixed Reno
18 W0F K0VBU Bill CW SSB   Fixed Johnson

19 K0L KC0DEB Jan CW SSB DIG Fixed Wyandotte
20 N0L N3AF Ron CW     Fixed Leavenworth
21 W0L K5YAA Jerry CW SSB   Mobile counties

22 K0O KK6MC Dufffey CW SSB   Mobile counties
23 N0O W0NO Alan   SSB   Fixed Mitchell
24 W0O W0ZQ Jon CW     Mobile counties

25 K0W K0AP Dragan CW SSB   Fixed Johnson
26 N0W N0OFG Jon   SSB DIG Fixed Osage
27 W0W K0PY Mike CW     Mobile counties

28 K0E K0ESU Dwight CW SSB   Fixed Lyon
29 N0E KR0L John   SSB DIG Fixed Marion
30 W0E KI0I Mark CW SSB   Mobile counties

31 K0R AA0FO Marshall CW SSB DIG Fixed Wyandotte
32 N0R NS0R Morgan CW     Fixed Shawnee
33 W0R W0SO Gary CW SSB DIG Mobile counties


1 K0Q pending            
2 N0Q NY0T Phil   SSB   Mobile counties
3 W0Q pending            

4 K0P pending            
5 N0P pending            
6 W0P N0JK Jon CW SSB   Fixed Chase

7 K0T pending            
8 N0T KD0FIP Robert   SSB DIG Fixed Butler
9 W0T N0QD Aaron CW SSB   Mobile (with K0A)

10 K0Y K0WHY Lorna CW SSB   Mobile (with K0A)
11 N0Y pending            
12 W0Y W0SY Alan   SSB   Fixed Sedgwick